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Storage Box Guide

Use this Storage Box Guide so you don't run short on boxes when packing day gets here.

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Small Box:


16" x 12" x 12" - ( 1.5 cubic feet )
Recommended for books, paper (legal and letter), small collectibles, records, tapes, etc.

Medium Box

Medium Box:


18" x 18" x 16" - ( 3.0 cubic feet )
Recommended for dishes, glasses, collectibles, clothing, pots and pans, and other similar items. Not recommended for books, as they are too heavy. Approved by airlines.

Large Box

Large Box:


18" x 18" x 24" - ( 4.5 cubic feet )
Recommended for clothing, pillows, bedding, long-handled pans and any other soft items. Approved by some airlines.

Wardrobe Box

Heavy Duty Wardrobe Box with bar:


24" x 20" x 45" - ( 13.0 cubic feet )
Recommended for hanging clothing, using the bottom of the box for shoes, accessories or folded clothing.


Regular Dish Pack Box "only":


18" x 18" x 27" - ( 5.06 cubic feet )
A double-walled box, designed for larger, heavier items. (See information below for more uses)

Lamp Box

Lamp Box:


12" x 12" x 40" - ( 3.72 cubic feet )
Recommended for lamps, golf clubs, vacuums, artificial plants or other tall objects.

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