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The Art of Packing

Stop Stressing Out!

Lazy Man’s Guide
to Fast and Easy Packing

OK, you’ve sized up your space requirements, read up on three simple steps that can save you hundreds of dollars in storage expenses and now it’s time to pack. Grab a highlighter and let’s get on to some fast and more efficient ways to tame this monster.

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Appliances and large furniture

Art, crystal, and fine china

Books, photographs and documents

Clothing and linens

Computers and electronics

Vehicles, Boats and other large items

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1. Appliances and Large Furniture

     First, if you plan on storing wood furniture for long time and are subject to extremes in humidity and temperature, consider climate control. Wood is hygroscopic, meaning it gives up moisture in a dry atmosphere and takes on moisture in a damp one. A good coat of wax or furniture oil is the very best thing you can do for your furniture before exiling it into storage.

 HOT TIP use furniture and large appliances as extra storage space for linens, clothing and blankets etc. Just make sure that that washing machine or dryer is thoroughly dry. You don’t want mold and mildew greeting you next time in. Leave doors cracked. Store sofas as they would normally sit, and you can always use them for storing lighter items such as fluffy pillows. Leaving a space between the walls of the storage unit and furniture to avoid moisture damage from condensation.

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2. Arts, Crystal, Fine China

     Accept it. You’re going to forget… what is what and… what is where… in your mountain of boxes, so pack it carefully and mark it plainly with "Fragile" in large letters, and on more than one side. If you have to, restack so that lighter items end up on top and don’t get crushed.

     Picture boxes ($4-5) can be used for artwork. Paper pads work just as well. The trick is to store artwork upright and off the ground to protect against mold.

     There are special boxes with dividers for china and crystal. Don’t cheap out here. Use them.

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3. Books, Photos, Documents

     Here’s a way to save your back and keep your friends. Pack books in small boxes.

     Also: pack books flat. Packing them upright can damage the spines.

 HOT TIP Consider lining book boxes with plastic or placing boxes on pallets in case of water leakage. One damaged box can make what was a handsome law library worthless.

     Plastic storage baggies (Zip Locks) are ideal for valuable documents. Photographs curl up over time, so place them flat between sheets of cardboard and tape shut.

 HOT TIP For priceless photos, keep negatives in a safe deposit box (they don’t take up that much space), or scan the photos and burn them onto a CD.

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    4. Clothing and Linens

     For as little as $11 you can store your clothes in a wardrobe box. Plastic ones with metal frames cost more, but not a lot more. Whichever you choose, use plastic hangers and toss in some mothballs or cedar chips for sweaters and wools.

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    5. Computers and Electronics

     Store electronics in separate boxes and use plenty of padding. Back up all computer files and either keep the disk with you or put it in a safe deposit box.

 HOT TIP Remove toner cartridges and fax film from copiers and fax machines. If you have a high volume business copier, call your leasing company or manufacturer and ask if you are required to notify them prior to moving the machine. You could be invalidating your warranty.

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    6. Vehicles, Boats and RVs

     Put antifreeze in the cooling system or drain water lines to prevent freezing.

     Tires must be inflated and gas tank must be completely full or completely empty. All glass must be in tact. Current tags and insurance are a must for all motorized vehicles.

 HOT TIP Is there an outlet available so that you can hook up a trickle charger for dead batteries?

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    7. More Hot Tips…
  Map out how you will place everything within the unit so that you can access
      all of your items. See… storage tips… for an illustration.

  The StorageWorks has all the packing supplies you need.
     Check out what we have in stock.

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